Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Sleepless Night...

Here I am again,
though it does not surprise me.
Will this never end,
my constant pursuit of sleep?

My brain is tossing and turning,
though my body is still as a board.
Those memories constantly churning,
while my brain only hoards.

It's like one of those old flip books
that comes to life as the pages fall.
Oh, how I long for that lost nook,
where comfort and warmth covered all.

Restful sleep brings with it internal peace,
even if only for a few hours.
An angel drops down giving the softest kiss,
as the ringing ends in bell towers.

The end of the ringing signals time for slumber.
Most drift off without batting an eye.
But for me it requires such labor,
for awake in bed I quietly lie.

Night after night I struggle with thee;
Lashing and striking with all my might;
At those ever present demons that wont set me free;
They would rather haunt me every night.

Enjoyable to them I am sure,
this Tango-like dance that we share.
Ah! But one day I shall find the cure,
to rid me of these demons that haunt my nightmares.

Cursed to lurk in the night,
like an uncivilized savage.
With no one understanding my plight.
My heart and mind are unguarded against their ravages.

These persistent demons holding me captive,
each night pull harder and harder.
Not knowing the ability i possess to be adaptive,
for so deep is my desire for great ardour.

One day I shall find their weakness,
as they have surely found mine.
And then their defeat shall end my bleakness,
so that I can be free to feel the divine.

That long, lost tender love,
where I felt so safe and secure,
before I met that mourning dove,
and my heart was still so pure.


  1. sure one day you will find that demons weakness to defeat it...

    why no posting for a long time

  2. school is keeping me quite busy. 4 hour roundtrip commute only leaves me with 20 hours in a day to study, do care plans, attend classes and clinical rotations. :) its a really tough program, very demanding. ill try to post more.