Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Oh when that wretched phone rings,
what horrible dread it brings.
You can feel it before you answer,
that the news it brings is like cancer.
My most beloved and missed Aunt Lou Belle,
the one that always has time to care.
Illness has stricken in its' cruelest way.
Her brain is blocked or bleeds and her mind is astray.
Her speech is now slurred,
and her vision blurred.
Her quick wit gone like a feather in the wind!
She knows where she wants to go,
but her body will no longer bend.
One word born of tenderness
has found her and left her helpless.
One simple word has crippled her,
Stroke...making her life a blur.


  1. The sincerity of this poem shines through as from abeacon.

  2. Thank you, it was one of those venting things, it just flowed out. Those always seem to be the best ones. She is doing better by the way. :)