Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pain and Pleasure

Just a glance and you would never guess,
how much her soul can supress.
Her smile only shows what she allows,
hiding her bodys inability to be aroused.
A heart that has taken too many blows,
and is filled with the sounds of crows.
Following her through life in flight,
waiting for that hot blaze to ignite.
A burning blaze that scorches the pain,
and cant be extinguished by any rain.
The wildfire that eradicates her soul,
and cauterizes all the shrapnel holes.
It is this inferno that she desperately needs,
and all of the havoc that it breeds.
For in this inferno lies her existence,
all of her chances for subsistence.
Hoping for her heart to be burned to coal,
so that she may salvage her dead soul.
A hand firmly around her throat,
even a hateful little note.
A bite upon her soft skin,
any pain that is like sin.
Pain that stimulates her senses,
from whoever is willing to dispense.
It is tortuous pain that will save her,
trading her soul in a legal transfer.
Giving it to that terrible hellion,
to become a twisted minion.
So that she may feel again,
the blood rushing through her veins.
Her soul will belong to this entity,
who can give her a feeling of identity.
Identity amongst the dark haze,
lurking inside her full of strays.
Stray bullets that left the deepest wounds,
from the firefight that has left her doomed.
Doomed to feel nothing in her heart,
only numbness until she departs.
This sinful pain is now her pleasure,
she holds it tightly like a treasure.
A treasure that has no value,
except for the pain that accrues.
The more she is ripped and torn,
the closer she is to being reborn.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Passing Glance

Everyday is the same,
Whether at home or in town.
Even with those who know your name,
Only a passing glance down.

We look at each other,
But only with our eyes.
Never seeing anything deeper,
Living in our own lies.

Seeing only what we want,
That which we deem important.
Some take pride and flaunt,
Others relish their insignificance.

Never looking deeper than the flesh,
Never seeing what is inside.
Always missing the solid mesh,
That binds us and also divides.

That which binds us to this life,
Which keeps us full of desire.
And that which divides us like a knife,
Slicing through like artillery fire.

We walk around in a hypnotic trance,
Oblivious to our impending deaths.
Nothing more than a passing glance,
And that final drawn breath.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Something Completely Different (Rated R, or worse, lol)

A kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the eyelid.
The quivering begins, from the touch of his hands.
Magic surrounds her under that bright blue moon.
For tonite she does not sleep alone.
She is overflowing with passion and fire.
Waiting and hoping she is his desire.
His soft kisses and strong embrace,
Ah, such pleasure in this new place.

This new place of pleasure is irresistable.
He holds her tightly and bares her breast.
Kissing her so delightfully she loses her breath.
His soft tongue finds her nipple, and his teeth begin to play.
His hands explore her body, as he bites her flesh.
He raises her skirt and moves to her legs,
Her milky white flesh inviting him to feast.
She wriggles and wrythes with every nibble.
Waiting for him to give her that pleasure.

His steamy breath against her flesh.
Her fountain flowing and begging for him to taste.
Her legs squeezing his head as he teases.
And then he tastes her, her sweet flower.
In full bloom and with plentiful nectar.
Her heart is racing and skin sweating.
His mouth and tongue so penetrating.
She grabs his head and pulls him higher.
She kisses him and shares the nectar.
Her body is shaking from the anticipation.
She begs for him to fill her,
For him to swim in her river.
The one that flows for only him.

Her flesh is so hot it burns him,
He knows she is ready for his love,
Her hands explore his body,
She finds HIM, full and engorged,
Ready to deliver his passion.
Her knees pressing into his sides.
Pulling him towards her raging rapids.
He makes her wait for him to enter.

He makes her beg and squirm,
She moans and pulls on him,
He knows he has control,
She would give in to his every whim
Just to feel his passion.
Her legs squeeze tightly
As she flips him over,
Tired of waiting she takes control
He feels the immense heat
As she lowers herself toward him,
And then she takes him,
Slowly letting him in,
Until he grabs her hips,
Pulling her down hard,
Filling her completely,
She squirms with him inside her,
He feels her muscles contract,
Her body reacting to him
To this beautiful pleasure,
She kisses him firmly,
As she squirms and moans,
He is touching her soul
And doesnt even know.

As her body rotates and squirms
He feels the explosion approaching.
He tries to slow her down
Holding her hips tightly
She doesnt stop for him,
She keeps moving and moaning,
Until his grasp gets tighter,
His body releasing into her
Filling her with his nectar
His body convulses,
As she is pressed down on him
She leans down towards him
And kisses his soft skin,
Happy that she has pleased him.

And as he falls deep into slumber,
She slithers out of his embrace
Leaving the softest kiss
Upon his resting eyes
And flies off into the sky
Where she can fly free.
And he awakes alone
Wondering if it was all a dream.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Kingsnake

I had written this in a Doctor's waiting room after hearing about my boyfriend's father killing a kingsnake. I know its rather strange, but I am a biologist and love all animals, yes, even those scary gators that swim all around me. I shared it with someone who posted it, I figured I might as well re-post it here for everyone to share, i think it funny. :)

The Kingsnake

My bite may hurt, but it does not sting;
For there is no venom running through these veins.
Yet afraid of me they are and still kill me they will.
Upon sight, their hearts turn to fear.

I will wriggle and wrythe trying to escape.
Unbeknownst to them, I am a friendly mate.
I eat the very rodents that make them scream,
And those with venom yet unseen.

All my good deeds completely forgotten;
But die I must, and begin my rotting.
Oh, would something lead them astray?
So that I may live to see another day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shades of Gray

ok, i am not feeling well and have taken my headache medicine so i hope this is as coherent to everyone as it is to me at this time. :)

Without much distinctness,
I recall my humble beginnings.
When my palette was in full bloom,
With a broad spectrum of colors to sling.

The colors of flowers in the orchard,
The variations of the clays in the soil.
Small clumps strategically placed on a board,
Constantly begging to be blended and toiled.

Reds, blues, greens, and all other hues,
Ready to provide the backdrop of life.
I would think so carefully which to use
Before I even touched that palette knife.

Nothing was ever neutral then,
The intensity of life had a pulse.
My surroundings had a complexion,
Palpable textures from fine to coarse.

We all begin with a blank canvas,
Adding colors as we perceive them.
Years pass us on to a lower place.
Piles of pigment reduced to gems.

We are given one life,
Only one wooden palette.
Sometimes they collide in strife
As we fumble about our orbits.

The canvas becomes suffuse
As the colors blend and fade.
There are few hues left to choose.
Only black and white remain.

So, I live in shades of gray,
Searching for my deliverance,
As my canvas sits on display.
I wait in full reverence.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your rainbow is strongly shaded green.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.


Oh when that wretched phone rings,
what horrible dread it brings.
You can feel it before you answer,
that the news it brings is like cancer.
My most beloved and missed Aunt Lou Belle,
the one that always has time to care.
Illness has stricken in its' cruelest way.
Her brain is blocked or bleeds and her mind is astray.
Her speech is now slurred,
and her vision blurred.
Her quick wit gone like a feather in the wind!
She knows where she wants to go,
but her body will no longer bend.
One word born of tenderness
has found her and left her helpless.
One simple word has crippled her,
Stroke...making her life a blur.