Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shades of Gray

ok, i am not feeling well and have taken my headache medicine so i hope this is as coherent to everyone as it is to me at this time. :)

Without much distinctness,
I recall my humble beginnings.
When my palette was in full bloom,
With a broad spectrum of colors to sling.

The colors of flowers in the orchard,
The variations of the clays in the soil.
Small clumps strategically placed on a board,
Constantly begging to be blended and toiled.

Reds, blues, greens, and all other hues,
Ready to provide the backdrop of life.
I would think so carefully which to use
Before I even touched that palette knife.

Nothing was ever neutral then,
The intensity of life had a pulse.
My surroundings had a complexion,
Palpable textures from fine to coarse.

We all begin with a blank canvas,
Adding colors as we perceive them.
Years pass us on to a lower place.
Piles of pigment reduced to gems.

We are given one life,
Only one wooden palette.
Sometimes they collide in strife
As we fumble about our orbits.

The canvas becomes suffuse
As the colors blend and fade.
There are few hues left to choose.
Only black and white remain.

So, I live in shades of gray,
Searching for my deliverance,
As my canvas sits on display.
I wait in full reverence.


  1. k, whoever reads this post, im on serious medications for a migraine, but this sounds pretty good to me. maybe in the morning it will sound horrible and disappear. lol

  2. Coherent and thought-provoking. I can't imagine how you managed it in the circumstances. Feel better soon.

  3. ha, i was quite shocked when i re-read it this morning sober. i thought it came out rather well. lol

  4. I think you did pretty well on it, Hurricane.

    I'd suffered my whole life with cluster migraines, I sure couldn't had done it...

  5. My wife was impressed by your poems and felt the sadness in them. We enjoyed reading that one. I hope that one day you will find again the smile.

    Best regards

  6. khaled kem,

    tell your wife thank you, the sadness is the hardest feeling to put into writing where someone else can feel it. im not quite gifted enough for a truly effective display, but i am trying. :)

    i shall never give up my search for that smile. my new lifes endeavor.

  7. this is way good! i enjoyed reading it. your feelings came across well!

  8. your expressions of your feelings and pain through poems like this will give you a great relief..also these poems seems to be very wonderful..go ahead .. carry on with your writing..

  9. "The canvas becomes suffuse
    As the colors blend and fade."-Splendid. To say anymore would be a crime.