Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Kingsnake

I had written this in a Doctor's waiting room after hearing about my boyfriend's father killing a kingsnake. I know its rather strange, but I am a biologist and love all animals, yes, even those scary gators that swim all around me. I shared it with someone who posted it, I figured I might as well re-post it here for everyone to share, i think it funny. :)

The Kingsnake

My bite may hurt, but it does not sting;
For there is no venom running through these veins.
Yet afraid of me they are and still kill me they will.
Upon sight, their hearts turn to fear.

I will wriggle and wrythe trying to escape.
Unbeknownst to them, I am a friendly mate.
I eat the very rodents that make them scream,
And those with venom yet unseen.

All my good deeds completely forgotten;
But die I must, and begin my rotting.
Oh, would something lead them astray?
So that I may live to see another day!


  1. oh lead me astray pleeeeez, i am petrified of snakes. any kind of snake!

  2. shadow,

    lol these snakes are very docile and eat other poisonous snakes before they get a chance to grow up and hurt people. as a biologist i see thier purpose in our world. :)

  3. I liked it and I am glad that you started writing about other topics. You presented the view of the snake and you were very successful making us feel for it.