Saturday, January 24, 2009


Beware of that sneaky demon,
known to most of us as betrayal.
It sails in swiftly as an able seaman,
and gives the sense of safety with its portrayal.

But soon it shall strike like a snake,
filling your heart full of its' venom.
And all in its' path it will forsake,
leaving their souls in delirium.

Beware those acts of kindness,
that can be morphed in treason.
When asked, we give with complete blindness,
without asking rhyme or reason.

Only to find ourselves manipulated
amidst the violent implosion.
For the rules were never clearly stated,
and suddenly our hearts become victims of corrosion.


  1. I enjoyed reading this, though I was slightly caight out the first time through by the change of rhythm in the final two verses. After another couple of reads, though, I decided the change was positive. Fine post.

  2. dave,

    this was written for my friends son in Iraq, his girlfriend here at home cheated on him. i was so angry when i wrote it. lol

  3. Indeed...These sneaky demons have the tendency to lurk about you without you knowing. Excellent passage Hurricane.

    Ever Yours,
    Clayrn Darrow
    M.IV, T.bLU

  4. A powerful one..I hope that you keep writing though you are busy with other things..