Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Beautiful Day...or perhaps simply unchained lunacy.

I came across this one today in my journal and actually laughed at myself. I can't believe I wrote this. Let me clarify for those who read it that I don't believe hurricanes or earthquakes and the such are sent to us as punishment. It is simply nature, intertwined with our own nature to a degree. Oh, and please, never put a blue anything in your house! lol

What a beautiful day this is!
The occasional cool breeze wisping by,
The sun peeking in and out of the clouds in the sky,
Birds chirping their beautirul songs,
Dragonfly's landing here and there
and frolicking in the air,
The beauty of the magnolias in full bloom.

If only I could smell the odiferous feast through my clorox high,
I have scrubbed and scrubbed that blue tub that for now,
shines like the stars in the sky.
Seriously, who would put a blue tub in a house?
So hideous that I want to cry.

It amazes me how I can see all this beauty.
That which disguises all that is ugly.

Humans believe they rule the world.
Occasionally, Mother Earth sends us a reminder.
As we siphen that valuable oil,
and mine her beautiful stones,
She reminds us that it is her world in which we toil.
Taking and taking, then polluting.
This is how we treat such beauty.
Mother Earth sends us hurricanes,
and toxic soups to stew in,
still no lessons learned.

We continue to rape her soul.
It is humans that are toxic,
Destroying beauty every chance they get,
for a green piece of paper.
Money, that which drives mankind, in it's emptiness,
It gives us only what destroys our world.
And yet we seek it more and more.

We destroy each other and discard the corpses,
Thrown to the side as if they never existed.
Someone loved them, but who?
Are they also thrown to the side?
Fighting and squabbling over that black crude
Which fills Mother Earth's belly.
Sucking her dry every day,
Until she decides to show us her own way.
Her own way of self-preservation.
Destroying those who wreak havoc on her,
leaving trails of destruction.
She will find her revenge,
humble us if we are not too blind to see her lessons.
And eventually destroy us.

Shifting plates,
rumbling thunder and lightning,
wind and rain,
hail and walls of water crashing down
as she demonstrates her power to us.

But who is truly listening? No one.
Humans, mankind will destroy it all
to line their pockets until she rinses them empty again.
Reclaiming that which was stolen from her.
Pillaging the Earth until she has retrieved all of herself,
including the rotting flesh that lays waste on the side.

Oh! What a beautiful day can disguise!

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  1. I know this feeling coming upon old stuff and laughing - in my case not because it's funny, but out of embarrassment. Always worth while to stop and consider, though; There's a lot of good stuff in this poem. Very redeemable - very!