Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gloria's Hummingbird

With Beauty on the inside
to match that on the outside.

Like the elusive hummingbird
lured by the scent of jasmine;
Only to end up distracted and admiring,
drinking from the trap of bloody-colored nectar.

Yet always able to escape,
too fast in flight for the net.
Free to soar the blue skies
and have no regrets.

Constantly searching for the next great thing,
her spirit leads her completely unchained.
From one place to another,
ensuring that she will always find another lover.

Stopping just long enough to enjoy the sweet nectar,
then off in flight again in search of the next flavor.
Irresistable is that hummingbird to all she meets,
just as the sweet nectar which she seeks.


  1. This was written after reading 'It Seemed Important at the Time' by Gloria Vanderbilt. She is such an amazing person.

  2. Very nice poem. I like it. Glad to find your blog. We share all the same feeling but with different bodies in different places.

  3. For Drive-thru,

    'As two branches from the same tree,
    we lead separate lives,
    yet are joined eternally
    in our hearts and minds.'

    a portion of an older writing of mine.

  4. Thanks Hurricane Me, it's very nice and creative one. I can feel the sorrow, pain in your writings. I lived that period of time and I expressed it in poems as well.
    Keep writing, it could be the cure.