Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wandering on the edge of insanity,
she is all alone with her impurities.
Buried deep inside her heart,
lives a memory in the dark.

Lika a Ghost in the night,
the memory haunts her every sight.
Its' embrace consumes all that she is,
the constricting pain imposed is relentless.

Her breath is taken away,
when she wakes each and every day.
The morning haze lifts and reality becomes clear,
she has nothing left to feel.

Nothing left but all the pain,
that which the Ghost completely reigns.
A King he had wished to be,
and it is her soul he holds in captivity.

She doesn't know if she will feel again.
Not how, nor where, nor when.
She seeks any feeling besides pain,
while her tears fall harder than any rain.

She follows the sun and stars,
everyday searching within her heart,
for peace to come in any form,
and save her soul that has been ripped and torn.

The storms come, the tides rise, land is inundated by the sea,
carrying her away to a place she has never been.
As the moon driven tides ebb and flow,
she drifts helplessly to a place unknown.

The brackish water covers all her tears,
and stings those wounds, disquising all her fears.
Fears that keep her bound to her Ghost,
the shackles of iron that she loves the most.

The pain of a mother completely entombed,
by the very son who came from her womb.
The son in life she so tightly embraced,
just as the breath that the Ghost takes.

From her flesh and blood he grew,
becoming part of her soul that only she knew.
Neither can let the other go,
and the sea shall soon swallow them whole.

These bonds are too strong,
and together forever they belong.
This pain that only a mother can know,
for it is the fruit that only she can sow.

She remains that eternal lost soul,
seeking out others who might also know.
Those who will know without a word,
the sharp edges of that wicked sword.

Someone who might see in her eyes,
that soul that can no longer shine.
Who can see in her eyes the desperate pleas,
for her lost son who chose to leave.

Sinking deeply into that great abyss,
trapped in a cesspool, deprived of any bliss.
The reflections of the sun are fading above,
as she sinks deeper towards her love.

Her stolen love that will never heal,
and never release her so that she might feel.
To feel anything but the pain,
as it is all of him that remains.

Unable to save herself, her eyes begin to close,
as she gives in to the pain in her soul.
Then something changes, she is alone no more,
another lost soul takes her to shore.

Like an energy encased in similar pain,
it carries her to shore unexplained.
An unseen force with a heart of its' own,
buried in its' pain, yet unknown.

I've heard that as one door closes, another will open,
the sun gleaming so brightly it blurs her vision.
A faint rhythm begins to fill the air,
filling the empty space, but coming from where?

The melody is growing in intensity,
different -- not affected by lividity.
Not the Ghost holding her tightly,
but another being in a similar plight.

The rhythm turns into a familiar beat,
and brings with it an immense heat.
A heat that warms her blood,
a long lost feeling that is so good.

A hand reaching into her heart,
that has completely fallen apart.
As this being draws nearer,
his rhythm begins to fill her.

Not just a tympanic symphony,
but a rhythm so strong it is felt throughout her body.
With each step closer that he takes,
she feels his heart begin to race.

They share the same pains and fears.
As he comes closer it becomes so clear.
Not one glance into each others eyes,
but yet their souls still collide.

The beating of their hearts entangled,
a convoluted mix that is mangled.
Incoherent when initially combined,
yet clearly understood inside their minds.

Like the waxing of the moon,
his heart begins to swoon.
Then as the moon wanes,
the soothing in her heart begins.

The convoluted mix of entangled hearts
coordinates into one symphonic art.
Their hearts become finely tuned,
like the beauty of the new moon.

Inexplicably, two hearts each other hold,
a sensation that all words have left untold.
Untold because there are no words to define,
two haunted hearts trapped in time.


  1. This really gripped me and I felt your pain.

  2. Very moving, well thought-through.

  3. Ah, another poem I've stumbled on and found intriguing. I may stop in now and then to see what else you post.

  4. Very sad one but very true feelings. It was my way of getting out a lost love many years ago. I put it all in poetry and it was a great way of healing and understanding.