Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am rather exhausted with the entire political scene right now. With the inauguration today, it is all that you see on the news.

I spent yesterday afternoon at a town meeting with our Governor, Bobby Jindal. I was surprised that he actually reminded me of our soon to be President Obama. Very charismatic, genuine, and upbeat demanding change to improve our state.

Not to mention much more handsome in person. lol

He actually met with each person individually. I didn't realize politicians did this. He took plenty of time, no rushing, and listened intently to the people there. It was quite refreshing.
I must share the most unusual qoute from the meeting by Governor Jindal. "I'm from South Louisiana, what part of a chicken is inedible?" lol He was referring to a discussion with an alternative fuels processor who makes diesel from inedible chicken parts.

I start a new semester in nursing school today and hope to be able to post something new this afternoon. :)


  1. Good luck in your new semester and keep posting even in the middle of the night.

  2. best wishes for your new semester...post more interesting contents.

  3. I wonder what this would be like...Living in La at this point in time.
    Years ago I was an avid follower of Anne Rice and the mythical Vampire LeStat....I think I was in love with the fantasy. I Planned a trip to New Orleans to retrace his fantasy life....Very interesting. Since then I have added family by marriage in Monroe...I wonder what life in La is like for you. I like your blog and your writing style
    Please stop by Psyche Connections for a visit. I would enjoy exchanging following blog links if you haqve an ihnterest.