Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Passing Glance

Everyday is the same,
Whether at home or in town.
Even with those who know your name,
Only a passing glance down.

We look at each other,
But only with our eyes.
Never seeing anything deeper,
Living in our own lies.

Seeing only what we want,
That which we deem important.
Some take pride and flaunt,
Others relish their insignificance.

Never looking deeper than the flesh,
Never seeing what is inside.
Always missing the solid mesh,
That binds us and also divides.

That which binds us to this life,
Which keeps us full of desire.
And that which divides us like a knife,
Slicing through like artillery fire.

We walk around in a hypnotic trance,
Oblivious to our impending deaths.
Nothing more than a passing glance,
And that final drawn breath.


  1. damn, yeah, i believe you've got a point here...

  2. ha, do i sound entirely too morbid in this one? what a mood last night, er, this morn.